Lars Bååth

Lars Bååth has a long scientific career in Radio Astronomy, Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI), at the Onsala Space Observatory, California Institute of Technology, and Jodrell Bank. He is now Professor of Industrial Photonics at the Halmstad University.
+46 35 299 54 01

Senior advisor

Gerald Weidemann

Gerald Weidemann has a long experience in working within sales and as CEO for sales driven companies.
+46 35 299 54 02

Technical Sales Engineer

Patrice Belin

Patrice joined QISAB in March 2017.

He owns a Master of Science L2 degree in Applied Physics from INSA de Lyon. He has long experience in sales, technical support to sales & project management in metrology for microelectronics & in surface metrology.

He has been part of the CWS birth during the European Project PoliMATIC

+33 97 518 9867

R&D Engineer

Ethem Bora

Master degree in the field of Microelectronics & Photonics at Halmstad University. Broad educational background in Turkey in the field of electronic.
+46 35 299 54 04

Vertriebsdirektor/CMO QISAB GmbH

Marco Speich

Since May 2017 responsible for QISAB sales in the German speaking regions of Europé. Mechanical engineer with a PhD from Glasgow on robotic polishing process. Marco has worked at the centre for optical Technolohies at Aalen University on Projects developing solutions for automated polishing processes. Long experience from using different metrology systems.

+49 7361 5561495

R&D Engineer

Michael Wagner

Optoelectronics engineer specialized in industrial image processing. Michael has been working at The Rydberg Laboratory for Applied Sciences at Högskolan in Halmstad developing algorithms for automated polishing defect detection. He joined QISAB in June 2017.

+46 35 299 5403

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