Applications & Benefits with automated inline metrology inspection

CWS applications and significances

  • Suitable for automated in-line processes
  • Robust system, therefore suitable for automated inline metrology inspection
  • Fast inline surface measurements of:
    –   Roughness
    –   Gloss
    –   Texture
  • Easy determine and follow up of surface quality
  • Replaces manual inspections and tactile and other profilometer
  • Non-contact measurement by optical metrology
  • Areal roughness measurement
  • Independent on surface texture orientation


Wherever objective measurements, control and parameters of surface quality are required

CWS benefits and added values

  • Objective measurements
  • Shorter process time.
  • Possibility for process optimizations
  • Automating of previous manual process
  • In-line surface quality control
  • Less scrap by faster inline surface quality inspection
  • Enhanced tool maintenance and replacement scheduling


Opportunity for significant total cost savings.

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